Orders u/s 144, Barnala

Orders u/s 144, Barnala
Title Date Download/Link
To know the full address of the servant 26/04/2019 Download(576 KB)
Office order regarding playing songs in Buses 26/04/2019 Download(606 KB)
Regarding Cyber Crime on Cafe/STD-PCO etc. 26/04/2018 Download(608 KB)
Regarding uninsured wells (writ petition 36 of 2009) 26/04/2019 Download(609 KB)
Regarding Ban on wheat balls on street 29/03/2019 Download(1,019 KB)
Regarding prohibition of paddy before June 15 16/07/2018 Download(1 MB)
Banned on usage of Combine Harvester from 7.00Pm to 10.00Am 29/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
Regarding Usage, Storage, Sale & purchase of Fire crackers 06/11/2018 Download(1 MB)