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Regarding Home Quarantine & Isolation (Order No.MA.119954.158) 20/03/2020 View (202 KB)
Regarding Under Essential Commodities Act,1955 (Order No.MA.119954.164) 21/03/2020 View (821 KB)
Regarding Appointment of Duty Magistrate/Sector Officers for COVID-19 (Order No.MA.119954.167) 22/03/2020 View (269 KB)
Regarding relaxation to Lab and Chemist shops(Updated Order No.MA.119954.184 dt. 28-3-2020 ) 28/03/2020 View (385 KB)
Regarding relaxation to Emergency Medical patients(Order No.MA.119954.185 dt. 28-3-2020 ) 28/03/2020 View (393 KB)
Order No.MA.119954.182 dt. 27-3-20 regarding Control Rate of daily need commodities 28/03/2020 View (731 KB)
Order No.MA.119954.180 dt. 27-3-20 regarding Issue of Emergency Pass 28/03/2020 View (382 KB)
Updated Order No.MA.119954.183 dt.28-03-2020 regarding relaxation to Banks 28/03/2020 View (177 KB)
Performa for Public Curfew Permit COVID-19 26/03/2020 View (22 KB)
List of Department to Distribute Essential Items to Public Door to Door (Updated Order No. 178) 26/03/2020 View (744 KB)