Orders u/s 144, Barnala

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Office Order regarding Lok Sabha Elections 2019 17/05/2019 Download(2 MB)
Ban on using Straw Reaper 26/04/2019 Download(221 KB)
Completely prohibited for burning of Paddy residue (Nerve) 29/03/2019 Download
Dry Day Related 13/05/2019 Download(568 KB)
Regarding prohibition of licensing of weapons and submission of weapons 07/09/2018 Download(987 KB)
Regarding security of AIR Force station Barnala 26/04/2019 Download(530 KB)
Regarding Face covering by males while driving scooter/ motorcycle 15/04/2019 Download(493 KB)
About noise pollution in hotels, marriage palaces 26/02/2019 Download(636 KB)
Regarding restriction of unauthorized storage, use and sale of semen 29/03/2019 Download(1 MB)
Pan-gutka masala and other foods that contain tobacco and nicotine are Ban in hotel, Restaurants and other public places 26/04/2019 Download(605 KB)