DRA Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. Land Acquisition In this branch, the work is done in the National Highway 64, Air Force, Barnala, etc for acquisition of land in Varanasi.
2.  Inspection of various department. Monthly router is issued to perform various audit reports in different branches of this branch.
3. Monthly report sent to Govt. under Head 0029. The Statement on this is obtained from Tehsil office, Barnala and sent to the government.
4. Online Recovery Map updated on IWDMS Site Regarding updating of online maps on the IWDMS website by preparing the manual regarding the recovery done by the concerned Tehsildars / Naib Tehsildars.
5. Punjab and Haryana High Court Cases. Case received by honorable Punjab and Haryana High Court Sub-Divisional Magistrates / Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar related departments are sent to prosecute the case.
5. Nazool Land. In this branch, the cases are received every year regarding the land acquired by the Tehsildars / sent and sent to the office and after this, the office is sent to the Honorable Commissioner, Patiala Division, Patiala for approval.
6. Land Acquisition National Highway 71, Police Line Barnala and other cases in this branch are undertaken in respect of the land acquisition related documents.
7. Head 0235 0235 Social Security and Welfare-01 Rehabilitation 01 Recovery Cell Prosecutions: The report is sent each year regarding this.
8. Head 0075 0075 Sale of Land and Property: Report is sent each year regarding this.
8. Head 0250 0250 Religion means: Report is sent each year regarding this.
9. Regarding Civil Court Cases. The cases received by the Honorable Civil Courts are sent to the Sub-Divisional Magistrates / Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar / relevant departments for pursuing the case.
10. Schedule Tribe Certificate. The application received in this office is forwarded to the concerned sub-divisional magistrate by issuing certificates to the Scheduled Tribes and issuing links to the concerned Deputy Commissioners, Barnala’s signatures.