Sadar Kanungo Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. Regarding reruitement of patwari on compassionate grounds. On the death of Patwari / Kanugo, who works during the service, his successor is given a job according to compassion according to instructions.
2. Regarding promotion of patwaris as Kanungo The Patwari / Kanugos working in the District separate from the -2 separate -2 list of the Seniors list is finalized after taking the objection.
3. Regarding preparing for seniority list of Patwaris / Kanugos The Patwari / Kanugos working in the District separate from the -2 separate -2 list of the Seniors list is finalized after taking the objection.
4. Regarding refresher courses for the promotion of Kanugo from Patwari. It is necessary that Patwari’s refresher course be passed for the Kanugo post from Patwari. Accordingly, according to seniority, the Directorate of Land Records is sent to Patiala for refresher courses, to Punjab, Jalandhar.
5. About the appointment of newly appointed Patwaris to field training. On the basis of compassion, the patwari candidates / government appointed field trainings of patwari candidates sent by the direct recruitment through recommendation.
6. Regarding converting Patwaris / Kanunoons Patwaris / Kanungos are confirmed on the basis of the expiry time of the test.
7. Regarding annual promotions of the Kanuno posted at Sadar Kanungo branch. Annual promotions of 4 Kanugo people working at Sadar Kanugo Sakha are provided.
8. Patwaris / Kanoono 4-9-14, 8-16-24-32 years of proficiency promotion. 4-9-14, 8-16-24-32 of the patwaris / Kanungo are imparted orders for the development.
9. NOC for district administration for Patwari / Kanugos Regarding issuing. After considering the applications received for the transfer of district from Patwari / Kanugos, NOC Is considered for release.
10. Head of the budget 2029 under budget Director, Land Records, DDOVs of the budget received by Punjab Jalandhar ji are allocated and the budget is revised if required.
11 Regarding medical bills of Patwaris / Kanungo Delivering the budget allotment of Rs. 50,000 / – for Patwaris / Kanungo, and granting approval for completion of every bill, the DLR office is written to Punjab Jalandhar, and the above payment bill is sent to the government for approval. Go.
12. Permission for Ex-India Leave Ex-India Leave is approved as per instructions issued by the Patwaris / Kanungos on time-2 of the government.
13. Permission for higher study Patwaris / Conventions are approved after considering the application submitted to continue their studies.
14. Extension in service of Patwaris/Kanungos. As per the instructions of the government, service hours of patwaris / kanugas are increased.
15. Retirment of Patwaris/Kanungos. Patwaris / Kanugos are voluntary / exempted from the government service on completion of the age of 58 years / expenditure on service period.
16. Permission for L.T.C. LTC According to the block, the patwaris / Kanungo are given LTC. Approval is granted.
17. NOC for issuing the passport Patents / Kanugos are given an irresponsibility certificate for making passports as per instructions.
18. Review of Mutation When a mutation is accepted against the rules and is approved by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, it is approved to review the mutation.
19. To make the additional copy of mutation (Musana) After the government’s disappearance of the mutations, the government has approved to prepare additional reading again as per the study paper.
20. Complaints of Patwaris/Kanungos. On receipt of complaints against Patwaris / Kanugosis, the examination is conducted by the Education Officer and according to the report, next action is taken.
21. Regular inquiry/ Vigilance inquiry. In the Primary Education Report of Patwaris / Kanugos, if the students are directly, then the regular departmental inspection goes and the decision according to the merit is taken. Apart from this, complaints regarding Patwaris / Kanugos received from the Vigilance department are reported and the report is sent to the concerned department.
22. To create new post of Numberdar General / SC Action is taken to compose the category of category, which is currently banned by the government for further orders.
23. Appointment of Mohtamam in Dera’s. In order to appoint Mohammedan for the ward of the ward, it is sent to the government for further action after considering the case received from the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate.
24. Court cases regarding Mohtamamship in Dera’s. Due to the appointment of Dera, in the cases of dispute regarding the appointment of Dera, a copy of the summon / claim is obtained by the Honorable Court, and duty is taken to prosecute the case and report of fresh situation is received in time-2 case.