HRA Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. Related to stamp vendors license Action taken by this branch for issuance / renewal / cancellation of license of Aston Force. In addition, complaints related to Aston Bros are also dealt in this branch.
2. Related to deed Writers license Action is being processed by this branch for renewal of renewable license. In addition, complaints relating to Wesika Masters are also dealt with in this branch.
3. Related to petition Writers license. Action is being processed by this branch for renewal license renewal / cancellation. Apart from this, complaints related to application process are also dealt with in this branch.
4. Complaints. Registers in wrong code or at a lower rate. Complaints received by them are debited by this branch.
5. Related to Notary Public license. The activity related to the licenses of Notary Public is also done by this branch.
6. Collectors Rates The rates of land purchase fund are determined by the government’s instructions.
7. Court Cases. Whatever the case of registration of registrations at erroneous rates, runs in the court of honorable Punjab and Haryana High Court, Civil Court or honorable commissioner, Patiala ji.
8. Audit Note. The Tehsils and sub-tehsils are audited periodically by various audit agencies, settling the paras passed out during the audited audits.
9. Income/Expenditure Regarding Stamp and Registration The amount and income / expenditure under the stamp and registration. Stats are sent monthly to the Punjab Government and Commissioner, Patiala Division, Patiala.