Budget Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. Monthly Salary Bill / TA / GP Fund / Erier and Other Final Payments Monthly pay bills are made directly online. Details of the expenditure after making the bill (BM 26-29) are sent to the office of Chief General of Punjab, Chandigarh and Commissioner Patiala Division Patiala. By the end of the month, all the officials / employees have to pay a bill and on the DDO label the D.D.O. After getting the signature, the District Treasury Officer is sent to Barnala. Online bills are made by this branch when the TA / GP Fund / Eriar and other final payments are received after getting approval from the respective branches.
2. Medical bills Medical Bills of Officers / Employees / Pensioners are qualified for the Civil Surgeon after verification and sent to the Honorable DC Sahib for approval. After approval, D.D.O. The labels are signed by the District Treasury Officer to Barnala.
3. Salary Slip / Salary Statements All the officials / employees have made salary slips and salary statements on the D.D.O. label by the D.D.O. After getting the signature, the concerned officers / employees are sent.
4. Budget allotment and surrender In the financial year, commissioner Patiala Mandal Patiala budget (online) is received in this district. On receipt of the budget, after getting approval from the Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner Barnala, the budget is allocated to sub-divisions and Tehsildars. Honorable DC at the end of the financial year Commissioner of Patiala Mandal Patiala ji saved the budget after getting sanction from Sahib.