Peshi ADC Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. Appeal regarding R.T.I.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner (vi) Barnala ji has the right to listen to appeals filed under the RTI act. The information office belongs to the Deputy Commissioner Barnala. An appeal filed against him is heard as a court work and if the appeal is related to the information related to any other office, he is changed according to the following chart.
2. Miscelleneous work.

Misconduct works such as the Punjab and Haryana High Court answer responses to the cases of prosecution and the duty to impose duty and other fudgeless acts are related to court cases in the A H. H. H. H. Branch.
3. Court Work

Additional Deputy Commissioner (vi) Barnala ji has the right to hear appeals filed against sub-divisional order of court cases related to court cases. As the case may be, the appellant has given himself or his lawyer through the Additional Deputy Commissioner (i) Barnala ji and is given the mark in the branch. After the report by the reader and Ahlmad, the case register is registered and the parties are summoned. Stamp Act cases are received by mail in this branch. The registering of the case is called by the troubled parties.