LPA Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. NOC for petrol pump, gas cylinder storage Any filling of any petrol pump, gas cylinder is applied for taking NOC, after receiving NOC from the concerned department, the final NOC is issued.
2. NOC for arms purchase by arms dealers When a dealer applies the NOC for the purchase of arms, then the fee is applied in the form of a challan by the challan and the applicant is required to get NOC.
3. Arms dealers’ arms fireworks to sell any firm in the outside district, to get TL. When a dealer’s weapon / cartridge is applied to the TL to sell to any firm outside of the district, the effective fee of TL is deposited in the back of the challan.
4. Regarding weapon verification. Licensing of this district, in connection with the verification of the weapon sold by the dealer by the District Magistrate in the event of receiving an arms from any outside district dealer.