GPF Branch

Sr.No. Branch Work/File Subject (in English) Branch Work Description/Subject Description (in English)
1. Regarding GPF’s Final Payment. In case of retirement of employee or self-voluntary service, the finalized payment of interest along with the accumulated interest in his GHF fund account is made. In addition to this, the nominee family member is paid the finalized amount of interest along with the amount deposited in the employee’s GHPH account on the employee’s death.
2. Regarding GPF’s 90% payment.

Applying for six months to one year before paying for the employee’s retirement or voluntary service, 90% of the amount deposited in his GP fund account is paid.
3. Regarding GPF’s Refundable/Non-Refundable Advance Payments. For the purpose of building a new house or for purchase of a plot, for the increase of the house / repair, two-wheeler (scooter, motorcycle etc.) / four-wheeled vehicle (new / old car), for the education of children, for the wedlock of the child For the purchase of computer / laptop, text can be applied for refundable / non-refundable advance to your GPFind account for pooja, currency / name-up. AppleCent is given advance when all the conditions are met by the Punjab Civil Services Rules.
4. GIS’s Final Payment after Retirement or death Employee Retirement and GIS The final payment is made or the nominee’s family member on the death of the employee is paid a finalized amount of interest along with the accumulated interest in the employee’s GIS account. It is done according to the GIS table received by the government.
5. GIS’s Insurance. If a worker dies during the service, then the nominee member or members of the family are given a group A, B, C and D according to the source.